FADING YELLOW - VOL.17 The Better Side (20 Timeless Gems Of US Pop-Psych & Other Delights) COMP CD

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Volume 17 of the compilation series which have named an own genre of '60s styled sunshine psych pop called simply 'Fading Yellow'. This time including US and some Canadian 45's from 1965 to 1971.

A magical smörgåsbord of songs with that special FY vibe. Among many highlights is the original version of 'Kites' made famous by Simon Dupree and the Big Sound, The Rooftop Singers did the original version.

Limited edition of 500 copies with 8 page booklet with info about the tracks and pictures.
1     –The Avant-Garde*     Yellow Beads     
2     –Alan Lorber     Congress Alley     
3     –The Poppy Family     I'll See You There     
4     –J.C. Cole*     I Found Me Today     
5     –The Rooftop Singers     Kites     
6     –A Small World     I See You     
7     –Space (24)     Radio Song     
8     –James, John & Francois     Carolina     
9     –The Fifth Estate     Love Is All A Game     
10     –The Celtics     Looking For You     
11     –The Hobbits     Artificial Face     
12     –The Surprise Package     The Other Me     
13     –The Magpies (2)     The Ballad Of Samuel Oscar Beasley     
14     –The Looking Glass (2)     Love Is Not Everything     
15     –The Marshmellow Highway     I Don't Wanna Live This Way     
16     –Bucky Wilkin     I Wanna Be Free     
17     –Sound Carnival     I Wish I Could Tell You     
18     –The Swiss Movement (2)     Inside Of Me     
19     –The In-Keepers (2)     The Cobwebs Thread Of Autumn     
20     –Salt And Pepper (6)     In The Morning