FELT (Myke Jackson) Alone(obscure 70s psych folk/power pop /lounge rock! ) LP

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Some music is destined to languish in the pit of obscurity. Some music deserves more. This is the first ever official reissue of this under-rated and very rare record (rarer than Felt on Nasco).

You will not find it in the Acid Archives, Endless Trip or Fuzz, Acid & Flowers books.

Myke Jackson (aka Mychael John Thomas) famous for his FELT LP in 1971, privately pressed "Alone" in 1975. This is an extraordinary LP: a dream for worldwide record collectors.

This nine-song album encompass all those great different kinds of music the 70s has produced (psychedelic folk, power pop, lounge-rock etc..). Now it’s time to re-appraise this brilliant one-man project!

This is an official reissue. With the participation of Myke Jackson himself.


*Fully laminated cover.

* Two bonus tracks, one at the end of each side of the LP.

* Reproduction of the original hand-written lyrics sheet.

* 4-pages (LP-sized) booklet with bio, photos and interviews.

Limited to 200 black copies.

180gr vinyl as usual.  PVC protective outersleeve.
A1     In Search Of A Home     
A2     We've Got A New Love     
A3     A Theme     
A4     Let Me Be A Part Of You     
A5     Alone And Lonely*     
B1     Lost On A Wave     
B2     Cloudy Days     
B3     I Am A Mockingbird     
B4     My Prayer     
B5     Wake The Dawn     
B6     Part Of You**