FINCHLEY BOYS -Lost Tributes (8 unrel. heavy psych tracks 1968 - 1971) LP

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“Lost Tributes” consists of eight unreleased heavy psychedelic tracks recorded between 1968 and 1971 by this prolific Illinois band.

Included is the scheduled, but never materialized 7” single from 1969, which would have contained different, punchy and more wild, recordings of two Finchley Boys standards, 'Hooked' and 'Outcast'.

It also includes the almost 9 minute long 'Who goes there?', perhaps the most psychedelic offering by the band.

All songs come from recently located analog tapes, recorded either on multi-channel or live in the studio.

Explanation notes by Garrett Oostdyk and lot of previously unseen photos and poster.


* Fully laminated cover.

*8-page LP-sized, booklet with notes, lyrics and photos.

*180gr vinyl as usual.

*resealable nylon outer sleeve.

A1     Outcast     
A2     Suffering Servant     
A3     On A Better Day     
A4     Who Goes There?     
B1     Hooked     
B2     Hell Fire & Brimestone     
B3     Jack Rabbit JUmp     
B4     Sweathog Blues