FREEDOM'S CHILDREN - Battle Hymn of the Broken-Hearted 1968 (60S S AFRICAN PROG PSYCH) CD

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- This the debut album by Freedom's Children, originally released by EMI in 1968.

"Freedom's Children is one of the best of the hard-edged prog bands and a jewel in the South African prog crown, and is highly recommended to fans of the earlier, more intense heavy art bands." --Way To Your Soul

This album has all the wonderful excesses of early progressive rock; the deep meaningful poetry, spoken words, majestic organ-playing, sound effects, choirs, long guitar solos, etc. Ramsay MacKay's unusual Scottish/South African accent guides us through this album of contrasts.

From the country sounds of "Country Boy" to the Traffic-style rock of "Judas Queen," this album does not let up for a moment. It rocks, it soothes, it challenges, it even refreshes (thanks to the inclusion of an old Pepsi advertisement). A great album and a mind-blowing debut.


1 Introduction 2:26
2 Season 2:59
3 Judas Queen 3:47
4 Mrs. Browning 3:00
5 Country Boy 2:51
6 Your Fathers' Eyes 2:22
7 Eclipse 3:13
8 10 Years Ago 5:45
9 Kafkasque 3:20
10 Boundsgreen Fair 3:09
11 Miss Wendy's Dancing Eyes Have Died 4:22
12 My Death ( Kafkaesque 2nd. Movement.) 3:23