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GAME FOR ALL WHO KNOW -The H & F Recordings 5 Box SET! (includes: Agincourt, Ithaca, Alive Through the Looking Glass, Tomorrow Come Someday, Friends) COMP CD

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    Between 1968 and 1974, amateur songwriters, musicians and home taping enthusiasts Peter Howell and John Ferdinando – aka H & F Recordings – retreated to their makeshift home studio in East Sussex to mastermind a series of privately-issued albums that were attributed to semi-fictitious groups such as Ithaca and Agincourt.

    Only pressed in double-digit quantities, those albums are now amongst the most valuable vinyl artifacts of the era, with copies selling for upwards of £2,000 on the extremely rare occasions that they surface.

    "A Game For All Who Know: The H & F Recordings Box" gathers together all four albums and adds an unreleased-at-the-time fifth, the Friends LP “Fragile," which was abandoned at acetate stage after Howell accepted an invitation in 1974 to join the BBC Radiophonic Workshop on a full-time basis. The first four albums are presented in miniature card sleeve replicas of the original vinyl artwork, while the Friends album recreates the duo’s original plans for the artwork had the LP reached pressing stage.

    Taken from the original master tapes, and with a lavish booklet that features a new 7000-word essay on their activities, fresh interview quotes and previously unpublished photos, "A Game For All Who Know" collects a fascinating and body of work.”
            Alice Through The Looking Glass
    CD1-1     –H & F Recordings     The Alice Theme     
    CD1-2     –H & F Recordings     The March Of The Chessmen     
    CD1-3     –H & F Recordings     Jabberwocky     
    CD1-4     –H & F Recordings     Dance Of The Talking Flowers     
    CD1-5     –H & F Recordings     Alice's Train Journey     
    CD1-6     –H & F Recordings     Through The Glass Wood     
    CD1-7     –H & F Recordings     Dum And Dee     
    CD1-8     –H & F Recordings     The Walrus And The Carpenter     
    CD1-9     –H & F Recordings     Alice Meets The Knights     
    CD1-10     –H & F Recordings     A-Sitting On A Gate     
    CD1-11     –H & F Recordings     Her Majesty Queen Alice     
    CD1-12     –H & F Recordings     Whose Dream?     
            Tomorrow Come Someday
    CD2-1     –H & F Recordings     Title Theme     
    CD2-2     –H & F Recordings     Someone Like You     
    CD2-3     –H & F Recordings     March Of The Civil Servants     
    CD2-4     –H & F Recordings     Bluebottle Stripe     
    CD2-5     –H & F Recordings     Setting Sun     
    CD2-6     –H & F Recordings     On Location     
    CD2-7     –H & F Recordings     Everything Has Its Place     
    CD2-8     –H & F Recordings     Fishing     
    CD2-9     –H & F Recordings     Tomorrow Come Someday     
    CD2-10     –H & F Recordings     Love Theme     
    CD2-11     –H & F Recordings     Honesty     
    CD2-12     –H & F Recordings     Windfall Wood     
            Fly Away
    CD3-1     –Agincourt     When I Awoke     
    CD3-2     –Agincourt     Though I May Be Dreaming     
    CD3-3     –Agincourt     Get Together     
    CD3-4     –Agincourt     Joy In The Finding     
    CD3-5     –Agincourt     Going Home     
    CD3-6     –Agincourt     All My Life     
    CD3-7     –Agincourt     Mirabella     
    CD3-8     –Agincourt     Take Me There     
    CD3-9     –Agincourt     Lisa     
    CD3-10     –Agincourt     Dawn     
    CD3-11     –Agincourt     Barn Owl Blues     
    CD3-12     –Agincourt     Kind Sir     
    CD3-13     –Agincourt     Through The Eyes Of A Lifetime (Parts i-iii)     
            A Game For All Who Know
    CD4-1     –Ithaca     Journey (Destruction/Rebirth - Patterns Of Life)     
    CD4-2     –Ithaca     Questions (Did You Know? - Will We Be Alive?)     
    CD4-3     –Ithaca     Times (Seven Seasons - The Path - Given Time)     
    CD4-4     –Ithaca     Feelings (Look Around You - I Want To Feel You)     
    CD4-5     –Ithaca     Dreams (Story Of Our Time - Beneath This Sky)     
    CD4-6     –Ithaca     Journey ii (A Game For All Who Know)     
    CD5-1     –Friends (10)     You Need Friends     
    CD5-2     –Friends (10)     A Tale Of Your Life     
    CD5-3     –Friends (10)     Summer Sunday Blues     
    CD5-4     –Friends (10)     One Sweet Day     
    CD5-5     –Friends (10)     Memories     
    CD5-6     –Friends (10)     Lonely Road     
    CD5-7     –Friends (10)     Morning     
    CD5-8     –Friends (10)     Come Inside     
    CD5-9     –Friends (10)     Take A Walk     
    CD5-10     –Friends (10)     River Song     
    CD5-11     –Friends (10)     Once In A Winter Town     
    CD5-12     –Friends (10)     Time To Run    

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