GILES BROTHERS- 1962-1967 (pre King Crimson prog) CD

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Although this release has obvious appeal to followers of the Giles Brothers, there is so much here that anyone who has even the slightest interest in British pop music (before and just after those four guys from Liverpool changed the face of music forever) will simply love.” All the tracks come from the personal archives of Peter and Mike Giles.

The Giles Brothers are famous for being founders of the band Giles Giles and Fripp, which eventually metamorphosed into King Crimson, one of the giants of Progressive rock. The recordings on this album, however, come from a period when the Giles brothers were members of a number of pure pop, R ‘n’ B and soul influenced bands; the Giles brothers were the fraternal rhythm section with six bands: Johnny King And The Raiders, Dave Anthony And The Rebels, The Dowland Brothers And The Soundtracks, The Sands, The Interns, Trendsetters Ltd. and The Brain. Six singles were released by the Dowland Brothers and Trendsetters Ltd., with two additional releases by The Trend and The Brain in 1967. Michael and Peter Giles backed Bo Diddley, Napoleon XIV, and Gene Vincent; they appeared on television shows, and played live on BBC Radio 1's Easybeat, and the group's own four program series. Reviews: “The nine 45’s plus half a dozen EMI out-takes the Giles Brothers appeared on as members of a succession of early-mid '60s pop outfits from the duo's pre-Crimson days make for fascinating listening.” “The good folks at Voiceprint Records have done more than most to keep interest in the brother's earlier work. The Giles, Giles and Fripp album 'The Brondesbury Road Tapes' is a fascinating collection of previously unreleased material which remained for some thirty-odd years in a private collection before Voiceprint issued the album. Now Voiceprint have released the work that the Giles Brothers recorded between 1962 and 1967, and it's going to be something of an eye-opener even for those who have always expected the unexpected from this most extraordinary drummer and bassist... This is a fascinating collection of tracks, that even if they weren't connected by the Giles Brothers would put to shame many of those 1960’s compilations of rare recordings that appear frequently.

1     –The Dowland Brothers* & The Soundtracks (3)     Little Sue    
2     –The Dowland Brothers* & The Soundtracks (3)     Julie     
3     –The Dowland Brothers* & The Soundtracks (3)     Big Big Fella     
4     –The Dowland Brothers* & The Soundtracks (3)     Don't Ever Change     
5     –The Dowland Brothers* & The Soundtracks (3)     Breakups     
6     –The Dowland Brothers* & The Soundtracks (3)     A Love Like Ours     
7     –Trendsetters Ltd.*     In A Big Way     
8     –Trendsetters Ltd.*     Lucky Date     
9     –Trendsetters Ltd.*     Go Away     
10     –Trendsetters Ltd.*     Lollipops & Roses     
11     –Trendsetters*     You've Sure Got A Funny Way...     
12     –Trendsetters*     I'm Coming Home     
13     –The Trend (3)     Boyfriends & Girlfriends     
14     –The Trend (3)     Shot On Sight     
15     –The Brain (9)     Nightmare In Red     
16     –The Brain (9)     Nobody Knows The Game     
17     –The Brain (9)     One In A Million     
18     –The Brain (9)     Most Likely You Go Your Way...     
19     –The Brain (9)     Murder     
20     –The Brain (9)     Kick The Donkey     
21     –Trendsetters Ltd.*     Hello Josephine     
22     –Trendsetters Ltd.*     Move On Over     
23     –Trendsetters Ltd.*     Sarah Darling     
24     –Trendsetters Ltd.*     It's Not As Easy