GONN -DOIN'ME IN(Savage'67 screamer) 45 RPM

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Savage '67 screamer by Keokuk, Iowa's loudest band plus a killer Kinks kover. Heavyweight vinyl repro of the legendary acetate. Direct transfer from the only surviving copy by sound engineer Stan Getz II. Amazing fidelity. Guaranteed to blow your mind and peel your wallpaper. Limited edition of 500 copies.

There are always memories attached to our favourite bands, Gonn doesn’t break the rule! When 17, I came across Best Of Pebbles Vol 1 that includes Gonn’s “Blackout Of Gretely” and next Voxx’s “Loudest Band In Town” LP landed on my turntable…”Doin’ Me In” was an instant crush, so catchy that you just can’t help yourself dropping the needle over and over.. All the magic appears behind the guitar break in the background, you will be exposed to an amazing sonic mayhem that only “Blackout Of Gretely” could remind you of. This is the first time and the last time that you’ll hear something like this!

Today OKtay Records is proud to present the ultimate and definitive re-re-reissue of this amazing piece of American music that hasn’t to blush toward the British Invasion. Don’t get me wrong, the rendition of the Kinks’ “I Need You” is a total killer as well! Stanley Getz used a mono stylus/cartridge to dig deep into the grooves and get the best of of the acetate and later cut the lacquers as well! In the middle of the process, a subtile cleaning of the straight transfers removed the unnecessary surface noise respecting the original coolness of the music! To complete the experience, the release is an exact repro of that acetate on super-heavy vinyl from Archer’s in Detroit.