GRAINS -JUST OUR FLAME (Pebbles style garage) CD

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The Grains is one of those legendary band that best represents the term Garage Sound these days, in its authentic meaning. Most of the band members play since the late 80's, the youngest ones play like they've never heard anything but Back From The Grave, Pebbles and Psychedelic Unknowns on the radio. The look of the bands has recently gone a bit Freakbeat but their sound is still pure US garage punk-psych. Perfect swirling organ, crystalline guitar riffs, solid rhythm section with the right fills, and authentic mono(tone) vocals, singing about..flipped dreams, being alone in the burning sun, summer, men with guns, love and more...A band that has become a fave o'mine since I managed to see them many years ago, when I've released their debut 45 on Teen Sound (long time sold out..). Today the Grains's sound hasn't changed..they simply sound better than before and the songwriting has given the band their unique touch. If you still like the true garage'll love the Grains album!