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GRAVEYARD TRAMPS EAT THE FORBIDDEN CITY DOGFOOD Vol.1 (obscure rockabilly, surf and R&B tracks from Lux Interior)DBL 10" COMP LP

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    Nearly 30 years ago, a now legendary LP by the name of 'Forbidden City Dogfood' was unleashed on an unsuspecting public.

    The release on Vip Vop Recs spawned many imitators such as 'Wavy Gravy', '4 Hairy Policemen' et al and paved the way for the equally legendary 'Purple Knif Show'.

    What few folk knew was that 'Forbidden City Dogfood' was actually less than half of the compilation made by Lux Interior. Now, for the very first time, the entire recording is available, weighing in at well over an hour of crazy, whacky sounds from the Maestro of Mad himself.

    Remastered from the original source, these obscure rockabilly, surf and R&B tracks are interspersed with B-movie trailer clips and wigged out voice overs. This one won't be around for long, so get it while you can.

    A1                   –J. Buck And The Blazers*                   Forbidden City                  

    A2                   –Kingpins*                   Ungawa                  

    A3                   –Florence Pepper                   China Rock                  

    A4                   –Jack Costanzo                   Cat Walk                  

    A5                   –Rick McGuire                   Space Craze                  

    A6                   –Homer Denison Jr.                   March Slav Boogie                  

    B1                   –Rod McKuen                   Noisey Village                  

    B2                   –Dynamos*                   Wow Wow Yea Yea                  

    B3                   –The Phantoms (18)                   Night Beat                  

    B4                   –Sliders*                   The Lamb Shake                  

    B5                   –Wes Dakus And Rebels, The*                   Sour Biscuits                  

    B6                   –Wes Dakus And Rebels, The*                   Dog Food                  

    C1                   –The Rivingtons                   The Bird's The Word                  

    C2                   –Sparkles*                   The Hip                  

    C3                   –The Merced Blue Notes                   Do The Pig                  

    C4                   –Grady O'Neal                   Turkey Neck Stretch                  

    C5                   –Andre Williams (2)                   Bacon Fat                  

    D1                   –Crystals*                   The Screw                  

    D2                   –The Rivingtons                   Mama-oom-mow-mow                  

    D3                   –Kenny Henkle's Friends*                   The Bee                  

    D4                   –Invictas*                   The Hump                  

    D5                   –Buddy Miller (2)                   Ten Twist                  

    D6                   –J.J. Jackson*                   O-Ma-Liddy                  

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