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GREAT SPEECHES OF THE 20th CENTURY - 4CD BOX SET - PErfect for your next party! CD

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    Just kidding.  

            Volume One: The Political Arena
    1-1     –William Howard Taft     The Farmer And The Republican Party     2:00
    1-2     –President Woodrow Wilson*     Address To The American Indians     1:42
    1-3     –Former President Theodore Roosevelt*     Address To The Boys' Progressive League     1:30
    1-4     –President Franklin D. Roosevelt*     Inaugural Address     1:14
    1-5     –President Franklin D. Roosevelt*     Inaugural Address     2:37
    1-6     –Governor Thomas E. Dewey*     Election Eve Campaign Speech     1:07
    1-7     –President Harry S. Truman*     Inaugural Address     2:26
    1-8     –Senator Richard M. Nixon*     "Checkers" Speech     11:07
    1-9     –Governor Adlai Stevenson*     Presidential Campaign Address     4:26
    1-10     –Dwight D. Eisenhower*     Republican Convention Address     5:32
    1-11     –Senator John F. Kennedy* & Vice President Richard M. Nixon*     Presidential Debate     5:35
    1-12     –Senator Barry Goldwater*     Presidential Campaign Address     1:50
    1-13     –President Lyndon B. Johnson*     Address To The Nation     0:35
    1-14     –Senator Robert F. Kennedy*     Presidential Campaign Address     5:20
    1-15     –President Richard M. Nixon*     Inaugural Address     2:17
    1-16     –Vice President Spiro Agnew*     Resignation Address     1:59
    1-17     –President Richard M. Nixon*     Resignation Address     3:34
    1-18     –Governor Jimmy Carter*     Democratic Convention Acceptance Speech     1:32
    1-19     –President Ronald Reagan*     Inaugural Address     2:31
    1-20     –Governor Mario Cuomo*     Keynote Address For The Democratic Convention     10:23
    1-21     –Reverend Jesse Jackson*     Address To The Democratic Convention     5:20
            Volume Two: The Changing World
    2-1     –Len Spencer     First Recorded Promotional Message On The Edison Phonograph     2:06
    2-2     –Former U.S. Ambassador To Germany James Gerard Watson*     The German Peril     2:51
    2-3     –General J.J. "Black Jack" Pershing*     Address From France     0:29
    2-4     –President Calvin Coolidge* & Charles Lindberg*     On Lindbergh's Return To The United States     2:23
    2-5     –King Edward VIII     Abdication Address     6:42
    2-6     –Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain*     On His Return From The Munich Conference     1:05
    2-7     –Chancellor Adolf Hitler*     On The Occasion Of Germany's Occupation Of The Sudenenland In Czechoslovakia     3:03
    2-8     –Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain*     Declaration Of War With Germany     2:56
    2-9     –Prime Minister Winston Churchill*     First Radio Address As Prime Minister     7:34
    2-10     –President Franklin D. Roosevelt*     Declaration Of War Against Japan     7:44
    2-11     –President Harry S. Truman*     The First Atomic Bomb Attack On Japan     0:25
    2-12     –General Douglas MacArthur     Address To Congress     5:00
    2-13     –Secretary Of State John Foster Dulles*     On The Fall Of Dien Bien Phu     3:42
    2-14     –Radio Moscow     Announcement Of The Launching Of Sputnik     0:15
    2-15     –President John F. Kennedy*     The Cuban Missile Crisis     7:32
    2-16     –U.S. Ambassador To The United Nations Adlai Stevenson*     Confrontation Over Presence Of Russian Missiles In Cuba     4:30
    2-17     –President Lyndon B. Johnson*     On Signing Of The Civil Rights Bill     3:42
    2-18     –Senator Edward Kennedy*     Eulogy For Robert F. Kennedy     1:08
    2-19     –President Richard M. Nixon*     The End Of The Vietnam War     3:38
    2-20     –President George Bush*     On Commencement Of The Bombing Of Iraq     6:32
            Volume Three: The Dreams, The Inspirations, The Accomplishments
    3-1     –William Jennings Bryan     The Ideal Republic     2:06
    3-2     –Amelia Earhart (2)     On The Future Of Women In Flying     2:00
    3-3     –Lou Gehrig (3)     Farewell To Baseball     0:18
    3-4     –Prime Minister Winston Churchill*     Address To The Nation On The R.A.F.     1:35
    3-5     –Princess Elizabeth* & Princess Margaret*     Greeting To The Children Of England     0:41
    3-6     –Babe Ruth (2)     Farewell To Baseball     3:50
    3-7     –Casey Stengel     Address To Congress     0:58
    3-8     –President Dwight D. Eisenhower*     Farewell Address     9:51
    3-9     –President John F. Kennedy*     Inaugural Address     13:50
    3-10     –Lt. Col. John Glenn* Introduced By New York's Mayor Robert F. Wagner*     The First American In Earth Orbit     2:42
    3-11     –Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King*     Address To Civil Rights Marchers In Washington, D.C.     16:10
    3-12     –Astronaut Frank Borman*     Christmas Greeeting From Space     0:33
    3-13     –Astronaut Neil Armstrong*     The Moon Landing     4:17
    3-14     –Hank Aaron     Address To Congress     0:15
    3-15     –President Ronald Reagan*     Address To The Nation On The Berlin Wall     1:57
            Volume Four: Best Of Times, Worst Of Times
    4-1     –Charles Lindberg*     Address On U.S. Neutrality     9:13
    4-2     –Senator Joseph McCarthy*     Address To The Chicago Irish Fellowship Club     12:36
    4-3     –Vice President Richard M. Nixon* & Premier Nikita Khrushchev*     The Kitchen Debate     7:23
    4-4     –Alan Freed     Farewell To Fans (The Payola Scandal)     0:25
    4-5     –Richard M. Nixon*     Concession Speech     16:15
    4-6     –Malcolm X     On Black Power     1:16
    4-7     –Jerry Rubin     Address To The Yippie Convention     3:30
    4-8     –Mayor Richard Daley*     Press Conference On The Riots At The Democratic Convention     0:17
    4-9     –Vice President Spiro Agnew*     Address On Vietnam War Protests     2:15
    4-10     –Gloria Steinem     Address To The Women Of America     0:30
    4-11     –President Richard M. Nixon*     On Releasing The Watergate Tapes     1:24
    4-12     –Lt. Col. Oliver North*     Testimony At The Iran-Contra Hearings     9:52

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