GREEN CRYSTAL TIES #3 - Gloria Meets 96 Tears (60s psych garage) COMP CD

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Third installment in the Green Crystal Ties series of psychedelic and garage rock compilations issued by Collectables Records in April 1998.

The set commences with two tracks by the Beefeaters, first with the gyrating and thumping intensity of 'Don't Hurt Me,' followed by 'Change My Mind.' The U.S. Britons adroitly mix folk and proto-punk influences on 'Come On' and 'I'll Show You a Man.' The Chevelle V, from Texas, display a gritty blues-based approach in 'Come Back Bird,' and 'I'm Sorry Girl.' Yesterday's Children, from Connecticut, do a feral rendition of ‘Gloria,' followed by the downcast mood of 'Love and Things.' The folk rock-influenced Lewallen Brothers are represented here on the two cuts, 'Tough He Was' and 'Only a Dream.' The set concludes with 'Don't Hurt Me' by the Infinite Pyramid.

Like all of the entries in the series, the highly colorful packaging is designed by Nicole Ruhl Fichera and on this occasion features a front cover photograph of Yesterday's Children, who are included in this set.

The inner sleeve includes well-researched liner notes written by Steve Kaplan and Matt Wendelken which provide helpful biographical information about the bands and their songs.

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