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HAPPY KIDS -Play Their Own Songs -1972, ltd ed of 300 (Seeds, Cramps Ramones style !) LP

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    Limited edition 300 copies. For people interested in Suicide, the Seeds, The Cramps, DAF, Trio, Sonics, the Astronauts, Ramones, Throbbing Gristle.

    It's a well-reported fact that The Happy Kids sneer at true musicianship. They are neither willing to compose, nor to play their instruments properly. Accordingly, at their live shows, they celebrate mass to plagiarizing whatever primitive ditty captures their attention. Ana Threat and Al Bird Dirt mangle their second-hand, second-rate equipment (a cheap, deranged Italian combo-organ and an off-key German Kaufhaus-guitar) accompanied by an audio cassette player that spits out pre-recorded beats at an inappropriate speed and volume. Yet, here it is: "The Happy Kids Play Their Own Songs"; twelve tunes out of which the duo claims the authorship of nine. The oeuvre perhaps wins through its repetitiveness (to put it mildly), which I presume Ms. Threat and Mr. Dirt understand is "art". Frankly, I do not know how they managed to assemble and record an entire album; let alone to persuade a prestigious record company - or even a third-rate pressing plant - to have it manufactured. Plus, I must admit, I am not exactly sure who on earth the producers expect to buy such a record. Still, I am delighted to file the album in my vast collection of contemporary "Rock music", as I am definite that there won't be any one like it to follow. Ever.



    A1 1-1-1000 1:14
    A2 I Need Your Love 2:40
    A3 California Sun 2:43
    A4 Up Jumped The Devil 1:39
    A5 Black Key Boogie 2:11
    A6 Children Of The Desert 2:46
    B1 Ghost Rider 2:52
    B2 Ya Ha Be Be 3:00
    B3 Seven Are The Horns Of Satan 3:03
    B4 Kitty Kitty Kitty 1:53
    B5 Tough Times 2:20
    B6 1-2-1000
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