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    -- Of WOunded Hearts-

      Collection of the best stuff from these Aussie garage/speed-surf pop kings.

    The third release in the Decade of Rock series, LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD OF WOUNDED HEARTS is a Hard-Ons album choc-full of fan favourites: "Don't Wanna See You Cry", "Kill Your Mum", "Missing You Missing Me" and "Rejected" are just some of the sublime power-pop and punk masterpieces on this album. Clocking in at just around half-an-hour, the original LP was a concise exercise in explosive rock 'n' roll.

    A clear and brilliant antidote to their fun but shambolic debut LP DICKCHEESE, LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD OF WOUNDED HEARTS is now expanded to a full double CD set. In addition to the original album, remastered to great detail, and the related 7" releases from that era, are tracks salvaged from wonderful FM radio performances, demo versions, various live tracks and two full unreleased studio sessions - including a whole alternate album session that was initially rejected by Waterfront Records: a real train-spotter's delight.

    Also included is an extensive booklet are retrospective liner-notes and never-before-seen photographs from this era. The Hard-Ons have opened their attics for their fans. LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD OF WOUNDED HEARTS is an astonishing documentation of a once-in-a-lifetime band at their absolute peak.

        Love Is A Battlefield Of Wounded Hearts
    1-1     Don't Wanna See You Cry     
    1-2     Rejected     
    1-3     Chitty Chitty Bang Bang     
    1-4     Been Had Before     
    1-5     You're A Tease     
    1-6     Who Do You Wanna Fool?     
    1-7     Get Wet     
    1-8     Rich Scrag     
    1-9     Do It With You     
    1-10     Missing You Missing Me     
    1-11     Throw It In     
    1-12     Kill Your Mum     
        Just Being With You/Growing Old 7" Vinyl
    1-13     Just Being With You     
    1-14     Growing Old     
        5th Anniversary Giveaway 7"
    1-15     Sick Of Being Sick     
    1-16     Graham     
    1-17     Fuck Off Cunt Features     
    1-18     Lick It Up     
        Alternate Unreleased Album, "Kids In Satanic Service"
    1-19     Don't Wanna See You Cry     
    1-20     Rejected     
    1-21     Chitty Chitty Bang Bang     
    1-22     Who Do You Wanna Fool     
    1-23     Get Wet     
    1-24     Rich Scrag     
    1-25     Missing You, Missing Me     
    1-26     Throw It In     
    1-27     Kill Your Mum     
        Paul Tonkin Session, Previously Unreleased
    1-28     Get Wet     
    1-29     Do It With You     
    1-30     Fuck Off Cunt Features     
    1-31     You're A Tease     
    1-32     Kill Your Mum     
        Triple J Radio Session Live-To-Air 1989
    2-1     Ache To Touch You     
    2-2     Feast On Flesh     
    2-3     Missing You, Missing Me     
    2-4     Where Did She Come From     
    2-5     Suck And Swallow     
    2-6     Just Being With You     
        2 Track Demo 1988
    2-7     Lick It Up     
    2-8     I Should Be So Lucky     
    2-9     Rich Scrag     
    2-10     Chitty Chitty Bang Bang     
        2 Track Demo 1988 Blackie Only
    2-11     Missing You, Missing Me     
    2-12     Just Being With You     
        Live 30 July 1989 Barwon Club Hotel
    2-13     Don't Wanna See You Cry     
    2-14     Do It With You     
    2-15     Raining     
    2-16     Sit Beside You     
    2-17     Growing Old     
    2-18     Fuck Society     
    2-19     Who Do You Wanna Fool     
    2-20     Sick Of Being Sick     
    2-21     Fuck Off Cunt Features     
        Live 2 July 1989 The Palace, St. Kilda
    2-22     Just Being With You     
    2-23     Raining     
    2-24     Ain't Gonna Let You Go     
    2-25     Don't Wanna Lose You     
    2-26     Missing You, Missing Me     
    2-27     Rejected     
    2-28     Mickey Juice     
        Live 18 March 1989 Barwon Club Hotel
    2-29     Do It With You

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