HAWK - She Too Can Cry (1974 - AFrica's Led Zep!) CD

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South Africa’s Led Zeppelin!  What do you get when you cross Cream with traditional African tribal vocals and the deep baritone of a master storyteller? Or, what would it sound like if Led Zeppelin swapped out tales of Gollum and the evil one in the depths of Mordor for yarns about brave hunters and village-attacking elephants?

It would sound something like South Africa’s Hawk (also known as Jo’burg Hawk). In truth though, even trying to draw any such parallels falls flat for we have never before or since seen the like of Hawk.

Their contemporaries were bands such as Freedom’s Children, The Otis Waygood Band and Abstract Truth, all legends in their own right, but no other band flew as close to the African sun and captured its glorious warmth as Hawk did.

Arriving on the scene in the early 1970s, Hawk’s unique mixture of progressive, psychedelic rock was informed by a deep reverence for their African roots


1          Uvuyo            

2          Elegy For Eden         

3          The Rolling Of The Bones    

4          Dark Side Of The Moon       

5          War Talk       

6          Africa

            African Day Suite

7          African Sun   

8          This Elephant Must Die       

9          Beaters          

10       Hunt  

11       The Elephant Is Dead          

12       Nglovu Ephélé          

13       Yebo Mama   

14       Sunset           

            Bonus Tracks

15       Orang Outang           

16       Kalahari Dry

17       Mumbo Jumbo         

18       Hunter 4.04  

19       In My Youth