HECK - WHO? THE HECK!! (Dutch '60s style garagepunk-trio Sonics style) BLACK VINYL LP

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Musically the band can be placed somewhere in between the Sonics and Reigning Sound. Their personal favourites Dead Moon, Seeds, Real Kids and Pagans are present and obviously also the Nederbeat influence; Cuby and the Blizzards, The Outsiders and Q65 can be heard when listening to The Heck!

The Heck, all the way from the North of the Netherlands, Drenthe that is, writes sixties-garage-stompers that easily might blow you away!

Frontman Henri was the preaching frontman of de Keefmen and the Miracle Men. This debut album 'Who? The Heck!!!,' which is out on Dirty Water Records (London, UK), contains some future sixties pop classics, served with the power and intensity of punk. Living legend Frans Hagenaars managed to capture the energy of their live shows in the studio which resulted in this timeless debut!

Some other good news is that their sold out and sought after singles 'Waiting In Line' and 'For Cryin' Out Loud' are included on the LP! Limited to 100 copies!