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HIGHS IN THE MID 60's - Vol 10 WISCONSIN (PEBBLES related series w. 60 garage rarities)Comp LP

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    " Featured on this particular compilation is the Shag or Shags,known by both names, and their biggest single for Capitol records "Stop & Listen", from 1967,which I never get tired of listening to,since there's nothing quite like it for fuzz guitar, and if that wasn't enough,there's the Noblemen "Dirty Robber",from 1960, which is a fabulous piece of surf/frat rock/early garage rock hybrid that's also infectious.Another song of note, is The Wanderer's Rest "The Boat That I Row" (from 1967) is a fine slice of pop garage rock,that also will stick to the roof of your brain, along with Lord Beverly Moss and The Mossmen "Please Please What's the Matter", doing the best R & B singing and playing that you ever heard, along with the wackiest guitar freakout at the end of the song,perhaps they didn't know just how to end the song,either way it's priceless. The Hinge from Appleton doing "Come On Up" (from 1968) is a terrific cover version of The Young Rascals song, The Young Savages (From Milwaukee) "The Invasion Are Coming" (1967) perhaps not to be taken too seriously -seeing as they think outer space martians are coming soon. Still it's a fun song, and sang tongue on cheek, and has neato reverb and "outer space" effects, although simple,it's effective. I do believe there is an invasion coming, but maybe they didn't know it was the British Invasion. The Deverons "On The Road Again (1965) is a fine example of the folk rock sound,in the mid 60's. The Faro's (from Neenah) "I'm Cryin'" perhaps is a little poor sounding, on the mix, which suffers a little muddy sound, but still pounds out like a good R & B cover that it is. "

    Side 1

       The Shag: "Stop and Listen" (Ray McCall) — rel. 1967

       The Wanderer's Best: "The Boat that I Row" (Neil Diamond)

       The Young Savages: "The Invaders are Coming" (Lenny LaCour)

       The Faros: "I'm Cryin'" (Burdon/Price)

       Lord Beverly Moss & the Mossmen: "Please Please What's the Matter" (The Mossmen)

       The Noblemen: "Dirty Robber" (Brand Schank) — rel. 1960

       The Hinge: "Come on Up" (Felix Cavaliere)

    Side 2

       Jack & the Beanstalk: "Don't Bug Me" (The Beanstalks)

       Jack & the Beanstalk: "So Many Times" (The Beanstalks)

       The Trodden Path: "Don't Follow Me" (The Trodden Path)

       Joey Gee & the Come-Ons: "She's Mean" (Joey Gee & the Come-Ons)

       The Deverons: "On the Road Again" (Bob Dylan)

       The Love Society: "You Know How I Feel" (Deliger/Steffen)

       Rehabilitation Cruise: "I Don't Care What They Say" (L. Owen)

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