HIGHS IN THE MID 60's Vol. 18 Colorado (60s rarities) ARCHIVE COPIES! COMP LP

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SEALED Direct from the BOMP WAREHOUSE, complete with authentic BOMP dust from the 1980's! These are the last few copies , about to be out of print forever and ever!

Unlike the Pebbles series , which has been released over an extended period of time by several record labels and in a variety of formats  the 23 albums in the Highs in the Mid-Sixties series were released only as LPs and in a short time span of 1983 to 1986 

A1     –The Astronauts (3)     Come Along Baby     
A2     –The Soul     Have It All Your Way     
A3     –The Trolls (2)     I Don't Recall     
A4     –The Trolls (2)     Stupid Girl     
A5     –The Poor (3)     She's Got The Time (She's Got The Changes)     
A6     –The Soothsayers     I Don't Know     
A7     –The Moonrakers (2)     I Don't Believe     
A8     –Sur Royal Da Count*     Scream Mother Scream     
B1     –Our Gang (2)     Careless Love     
B2     –The Moonrakers (2)     Baby Please Don't Go     
B3     –The Moonrakers (2)     I'm All Right     
B4     –The Lidos     Since I Last Saw You     
B5     –The Rainy Daze     Fe Fi Fo Fum     
B6     –The Doppler Effect (2)     God Is Alive In Argentina     
B7     –The Monocles     Psychedelic (That's Where It's At)     
B8     –The Elopers     Music To Smoke Bananas By