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HOLLIS BROWN 3 LP , 2 CD BUNDLE! -CLASSIC 70s style rock &roll

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    WHAT A DEAL!   These guys are one of our favorite bands, give them a listen.



    (2) RIDE ON THE TRAIN-  Their debut , A MUST for any rock fan, these guys can PLAY! PLUS CD

    (3) CLUSTER OF PEARLS - LEMON  vinyl(never released on CD)


    Taking queues from classic pop, rock'n'roll, and Americana, Hollis Brown combines raw rock sensibilities with sweet melodies and heartfelt lyrics to create a rich, warm sound that can fill any room.

    RUST MAGAZINE SAYS: _Hollis Brown makes today the best day ever. Their debut album 'Ride On The Train' is an immediate classic. Pulling from the roots of rock, soul, ballads, folk and jam this hybrid sound feels as comfortable as your old jeans and sneakers on a stroll through sunlit paths. Get-up-and-jam tracks are mixed with patient ballads and they all sound distinctive. Superior songwriting, analog processing and a self-evident dedication to musical excellence across the board has resulted in a total package of musical intensity._Not only is 'Ride On The Train" a must-have for any rock and roll fan. Whatever you're doing today, stop. Take a pause, just for a moment. Check Hollis Brown out. That task can wait. That email can wait. Invest just a single moment to take a listen to this amazing band. Essential.____


    HOLLIS BROWN GETS LOADED- By Bill Bentley, Columnist_June 30, 2014__ Defying the odds of gravity and greatness, the Brooklyn-based Hollis Brown band records all the songs on one of the perfect rock albums, Velvet Underground's Loaded, and still manages to hold their head high. So what may have looked like a long shot on the assembly line turns into an inspired piece of music-making. When the Velvets' fourth (and last) studio album was released in 1970, it finally looked like the ultra-boundary-breaking New York outfit would get their due. Except for one small problem: the Velvet Underground had already broken up. So soon-to-be classic Lou Reed songs 'Sweet Jane,' 'Rock and Roll', 'New Age' and others were left in the cold light of winter to die, only to live now and see another day.__Now that Hollis Brown has decided to do their own take of the entire album, it's clear this is rock that has never been surpassed. By anyone. As much as what Hollis Brown has accomplished by putting their own life into these ten songs, it is also a mighty display of courage to even attempt such a thing, proving that lives are still being saved by rock and roll and Lou Reed.___


    RIDE ON THE TRAIN _BY Greg Jones- Ride on the Train is an album that a lot of people are going to love for its multi-generational appeal. But besides that, it's just good rock music. It's hard to peg a specific sound on it. There are no "skip' songs on this album though. Be prepared to keep it in your player, on repeat, for a long time. Oh, and the next time one of your friends says "they just don't make music like they used to, you slap them and hand them this album. But make sure you slap them first, for dramatic effect.__Hollis Brown have a classic sound that is sure to satisfy a variety of music fans. There's a certain timeless element to their sound that will have typical classic rock' fans happy. But what they also have going for them is a refreshing newness. They sound like a band that you've heard before, but odds are you haven't. That's because Hollis Brown reflect some of the greatest bands in rock music from Tom Petty to The Eagles to Lynrd Skynrd.__Hollis Brown's "Down on Your Luck" sounds like i could have come straight out of 1966. It makes the listener feel like that "cold wind blowin" is out the windows of an old Camaro or Mustang. "When the night runs cold and you're down on your luck" highlights the theme of the songwriter being available to help. But really what makes this song so good isn't lyrical complexity, but rather a Creedence kind of joy. If you played this at a party and told the crowd it was a lost Creedence reel, you wouldn't get much criticism.


    CLUSTER OF PEARLS - Showing great range, from Bo Diddley backbeat to the stylized Soul of Hall & Oates, HOLLIS BROWN is an American Roots music band from New York City that rocks.The opening track “Completed Fool”  busts the record open with a wicked bass line and introduces us to just one facet of lead singer Mike Montali‘s jewel-solid vocals. On Cluster Of Pearls the more jangly indie guitar of their past efforts is moved to the back of the mix and lead guitarist John Bonilla‘s growling lead takes control. It wasn’t until later tracks that I was “completely fooled” as they say, but the bands fusion of soul/rock/and alt-country sounds has come to fruition over their last three albums and is on full display here.“Don’t Want To Miss You” moves into a Memphis meets Muscle Shoals style sound that relies heavily on reverb and crying style vocals. It’s clear these guys are listening to the good stuff (Otis Redding, Eddie Hinton, et. al) and that listening is finding it’s way into the music. “Hey Baby” rolls into the album like a train going by, pinched notes squawk a riff, a rimshot drum beat skitters around some low end bass work and Montali howls “Hey Baby, make me blue, I want to make sweet love to you / Hey mama shine your light I kinda want you to treat me right” as Bonilla’s guitar takes off into face scrunching solo territory.



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