HOMESTEAD & WOLFE - Our Times - The Goldstar Tapes (1975 psych folk w. insert, bio and photos - LP

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The first -ever vinyl reissue of Homestead & Wolfe's lone and excellent album. One of the most unknown artifacts that ever came from the American psych-folk land.

Originally released in 1975 by TOPO records. This is an official reissue, fully licensed by Ernie Bringas (H&W founder) and Anopheles Records.

It has an exact reproduction of the original cover, label, 4-page insert and poster as well as extra triptych insert with bio and photos.

Two extra tracks are also included." "Despite being recorded at Gold Star in L.A. and featuring heavy session names such as Hal Blaine and Al Casey, this irresistible femme-vox melodic folk rock/psych delight has remained mysteriously unknown for 30 years.

You'll be hard-pressed to find faults with its mix of various late 1960s California styles, ranging from lyte Neighb'rhood Child'n top 40 psych over Carolyn Hester Coalition/Yankee Dollar folk moves into all-out West Coast acid rock a la Ill Wind." -- Acid Archives