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    This compilation is housed in a deluxe 38- gram carton gatefold sleeve, and the cover is drawn by legendary "punk" illustrator Joost Swarte, who designed a number of classic punk covers.

    The image the term "Dutch punk" conjures up for many is that of the pitched battles during the squat clearances and the coronation of Queen Beatrix, in 1980. This is a shame as the equally tough, committed music that the Dutch punks made tends to get overlooked. Prey to many socio and economic forces, and often having to rely on its own ingenuity, Dutch punk was one of the most resilient and flexible of musical movements, spawning bands as brilliant as Ivy Green, Rondos, and as durable as Mecano Ltd. and The Ex.

    Luckily Pseudonym Records have released 'I Don't Care', a comprehensive collection brimful of brilliant, spiky and often innovative music. Exclusively restored, courtesy of dynamic 24 bit remastering from the original master tapes, and benefiting from an audiophile pressing on high quality 180-gram vinyl, this double LP compilation is a real "must-have" for collectors.

    The 37 tracks both highlight key players, and give a comprehensive overview of Dutch punk's finest and most interesting moments. This double LP also boasts 4 previously unreleased tracks and versions, an entertaining overview of the musical history of Dutch punk, and a wealth of obscure photos and related memorabilia.

    Compiled more or less in release order, and spanning the years 1977 to 1983, it also serves as a brilliant starting point for the curious, or those punk historians who may have overlooked the music that these turbulent years in the Netherlands unleashed.



    A1             –Ivy Green             Wap Shoo Wap (I'm Sure I'm Gonna Make It)            

    A2             –Speedtwins             Football Song            

    A3             –Flyin' Spiderz             City Boy            

    A4             –Suzannes             Teenage Abortion            

    A5             –Suzannes             Hippie            

    A6             –Panic (12)             Requiem For Martin Heidegger            

    A7             –The Softies (2)             Suicide Pilot            

    A8             –Paul Tornado             Van Agt Casanova            

    A9             –Tedje & de Flikkers             Stukje Lul            

    B1             –Rondos             A Black And White Statement            

    B2             –Rondos             I Got No Time            

    B3             –The Brommers             Miracles            

    B4             –Vopo's             The King Is Dead            

    B5             –Vopo's             Menten            

    B6             –The Blitzz             So Free            

    B7             –The Ex             Human Car            

    B8             –Mort Subite (2)             Ich Liebe Ulrike            

    B9             –Tedje & de Flikkers             Ik Ben Een Hoer            

    C1             –Lullabies (2)             Cops In The Street            

    C2             –The Studs             Electric Chair Execution            

    C3             –The Dummies (4)             Animal Games - Part 1            

    C4             –The Dummies (4)             Animal Games - Part 2            

    C5             –BVD             Look Out The Cops (Are Coming)            

    C6             –Coïtus Int.             I Shouldn't Go            

    C7             –The Miranda's             Oh Zit Dat Zo!            

    C8             –The Miranda's             Do The Blitz            

    C9             –Nixe (2)             You Say            

    D1             –The Squats             Chaos In Nijmegen            

    D2             –The Squats             We Hate School            

    D3             –Nixe (2)             Searching            

    D4             –De Straks             Ik Heb Nooit Gelijk            

    D5             –Rakketax             Occasion            

    D6             –Nitwitz             Artificial Smile            

    D7             –Cheap 'n' Nasty             Cover Girls            

    D8             –Prime Ministers             Teenage Depression            

    D9             –Kotx             Before You Go            

    D10             –Frites Modern             Sesamstraat

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