IGGY POP & JAMES WILLIAMSON - Kill City -LAST COPIES!~ Restored, re-mixed, remastered DIGIPAK CD W 24 PAGE BOOKLET

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Soon to be gone forever, these will never be repressed, less than 15 copies in stock!

RESTORED, RE-MIXED & REMASTERED edition, approved for the first time by both Iggy Pop and James Williamson. DIGIPAK EDITION with 24 PAGE BOOKLET.

“Down but not out, Iggy and James record lost treasure in decadent L.A.”
This current remastered edition derives from the rediscovered masters and was prepared for release by James Williamson, who again tours with the Stooges in 2010. Since the Stooges circle has been squared its only fitting that this missing link be finally, beautifully restored for posterity. - KC Press

"The sound is 100% clearer, the levels are pushed and the instruments stretch and slide at higher, bulkier levels. This is a Detroit rawk muscle record as it was meant to be heard 33 years ago. All raucous garage born out of sweat, blood and bad times." - WNnG

Kill City is Iggy Pop and James Williamson’s often overlooked, yet ultimately essential album. Originally recorded in 1975 and later released by Bomp! in '77, critics have long lauded the songs and performances but have also regarded the overall sound as “sludgy.”

The sound quality of Kill City was compromised from the get-go, as it originally suffered from a bad pressing (on the infamous green vinyl), and over the years the quality of the record itself managed to get even worse. When the original distributor went out of business, the 2-track album production masters vanished and every subsequent pressing of the album - on record, cassette and CD - used a copy of that deficient green vinyl as its master.

Now 33 years later, here is the long overdue restored, re-mixed and remastered version of this historically important record. Producer James Williamson remixed the album with engineer Ed Cherney at Capitol Records in Hollywood, and as the guitarist states, "He just made this record sound, well, like it should have sounded all along. It has finally reached its full potential."

I like what this album has to say.
It is rather high concept, and the music is well thought out.
It adheres to no particular genre.
A lot of people have borrowed its ideas.
It's one of the very first independent LPs I know of.
I hope you like it.

Kill City was by all measures a desperate effort, a singularly honest and heartfelt performance, a genuine progression of our song writing, and another in a long line of flops that were later resurrected and heralded as masterpieces.
By the time it was released as a record, both Iggy and I were off doing other things with our lives, but with this re-release we are not only reunited in our musical endeavors but in our appreciation of this album, its remix, and its importance to us as artists.


 Hi Suzy,I just received the Kill City CD and lets just say, it KILLS!!!! James did an amazing job remixing the sound. No false hype regarding the claims made for this one thats fer sure.Johnny Rahmer

 Hi Suzie and fellow Bompsters:
The remastered version if Iggy’s Kill City arrived in the mail today. This sounds so much better than the version I’ve had for years! My congratulations to the engineering folks involved in restoring this, and thanks for the poster too;-).


1 Kill City 2:34
2 Sell Your Love 3:41
3 Beyond The Law 3:22
4 I Got Nothin' 3:26
5 Johanna 3:23
6 Night Theme 1:20
7 Night Theme (Reprise) 1:05
8 Consolation Prizes 3:38
9 No Sense Of Crime 3:56
10 Lucky Monkeys 3:39
11 Master Charge 3:41