IGGY POP & THE STOOGES - Double Danger- -2000 pressing - LP

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Unsealed but mint

The LP is a combination of the best from both shows with full liner notes and vintage photos.

More Iguana Chronicles with two of the last, and greatest, live recordings from their final tour: Latin Casino (Baltimore) from 11/73 and the Academy of Music (NYC) from 12/31/73. Both include rare tracks not normally featured in live recordings, and both are among the most vicious, and best-recorded performances preserved on tape.



  Latin Casino, Baltimore 11/73
A1 Wet My Bed  
A2 I Got Nothing  
A3 Search & Destroy  
A4 Cock In My Pocket  
A5 I Need Something  
  Academy Of Music, NYC, 12/31/73
B1 Raw Power  
B2 Rich Bitch  
B3 Gimme Danger  
B4 Heavy Liquid / New Orleans