IGGY POP & the STOOGES - Open Up And Bleed (1973 w liners) LAST COPIESCD

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For the first time in one place, the complete collection of songs that would likely have made up the Stooges' 4th album.

Drawn from rehearsals and live shows in the year following the release of Raw Power, this album exhibits the creative output of the band during their final days.

Included are the CBS rehearsal tapes of 1973, live performances from the subsequent tour, as well as a previously unreleased alternate takeof "Rubber Leg".

The CDs also includes liner notes by Stooges historian Frank Meyer, and cool artwork using photos drawn from the same time period.


 Track Listings

1. Rubber Legs
2. Open up and Bleed
3. Johanna
4. Cock in My Pocket
5. Head On
6. Cry for Me
7. Rich Bitch
8. Wet My Bed
9. I Got Nothing
10. Heavy Liquid/New Orleans
11. She Creatures of the Hollywood Hills
12. Rubber Legs [Version 2][#]