IRISH COFFEE -ST(1971 Vintage hard rock Deep Purple style) LP

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High-quality reissue in 180g vinyl, nice carton with original artwork, and an insert with liners and photos.

Excellent vintage hard-rock made in Belgium in 1971 and originally released in the Triangle label.

Their sound was clearly influenced by Deep Purple or even Uriah Heep, with killer guitar all over and good use of organ. This has been considered as a key album in the hard-rock field since the early days of collecting, with originals fetching some big money!

A1     Can't Take It     4:05
A2     The Beginning Of The End     6:18
A3     When Winter Comes     4:50
A4     The Show (Part 1)     2:51
B1     The Show (Part 2)     2:59
B2     Hear Me     3:58
B3     A Day Like Today     6:51
B4     I'm Lost     4:32