JASON CREST - A PLACE IN THE SUN (68/69 UK psych pop singles) LP

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A collection of the UK psych-pop band's classic '68 and '69 singles for Philips, with the addition of at the time unissued studio tracks, released on vinyl with remastered sound. An insert with liner notes and rare pix is included. Essential for fans of a.o. Tomorrow, the first LP by Blossom Toes, The Move, Skip Bifferty, 'Sell Out'-era The Who and the like! SIDE 1: 1. Turquoise Tandem Cycle 2. Two By The Sea 3. Teagarden Lane 4. King of The Castle 5. Juliano The Bull 6. The Collected Works Of Justin Crest 7. A Place In The Sun SIDE 2: 1. Black Mass 2. My House Is Burning 3. Charge of The Light Brigade 4. Patricia's Dream 5. (Here We Go Round The) Lemon Tree 6. Good Life 7. You Really Got A Hold On Me