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    One of the few groups of the psychedelic era whose musicianship was equal to their ambition,they delved into every possible musical genre, and invented a couple of their own.

    On this CD set you can (and should) find everything recorded for Epic Records from 1967 to 1970 by one of the most eclectic bands of the psychedelic era. Yes, you read correctly, this set contains the complete albums Side Trips (1967), Beacon From Mars (1968), Incredible Kaleidoscope (1969), and Bernice (1970), plus singles and B-sides!

    Often there's no justice in the rock world. Kaleidoscope were formed out of the ashes of various jug bands by the brilliant David Lindley. They were so much more daring, playful and genre-splicing than their more successful California contemporaries, which is perhaps why they never had any commercial success. Kaleidoscope were incredible one minute sounding like the Seeds, the next like the Byrds, and then all of a sudden sounding totally unique and un-classifiable. Some songs are dreamy folk-psych (Keep Your Mind Open); then suddenly you're listening to Middle-Eastern journeys, then you're back to solid '60s pop, and just as suddenly into rag-time.

    Every song on 1967's Side Trips album could be by a different band which was no doubt the bands downfall. Follow the path from Solomon Feldthouse's proto-worldbeat Egyptian Gardens through Chris Darrow's psych-folk "Keep Your Mind Open to the Cab Calloway and Dock Boggs covers and you'll be hard pressed to find a thread of logic.

    Even so, it all sounds extraordinarily fresh and thrilling, which is why the band have such a strong cult following today. Includes rarities previously only available on the Epic compilation ÒEgyptian Candy.Ó It's all here, down to the crazy psychedelic soul single they did with Larry Williams and Johnny "Guitar" Watson. Well annotated (The liner notes by David Biasotti incorporate new interviews with Stuart Brotman, Chester Crill, Chris Darrow, Solomon Feldthouse, David Lindley, and Frazier Mohawk). Contains plenty of exhilarating psychedelic world fusion highs rare B-side  Rampe, Rampe, for instance, is a superb Greek-like instrumental that winds itself up into a frenzy.





    1-1 Egyptian Gardens 3:05
    1-2 If The Night 1:45
    1-3 Hesitation Blues 2:25
    1-4 Please 3:16
    1-5 Keep Your Mind Oven 2:15
    1-6 Pulsating Dream 1:54
    1-7 Oh Death 3:25
    1-8 Come On In 2:07
    1-9 Why Try 3:43
    1-10 Minnie The Moocher 2:13
    1-11 Elevator Man 2:54
    1-12 Little Orphan Nannie 1:54
    1-13 I Found Out 2:09
    1-14 Greenwood Sidee 4:12
    1-15 Life Will Pass You By 3:22
    1-16 Taxim 11:20
    1-17 Baldheaded End Of A Broom 3:12
    1-18 Louisiana Man 2:42
    1-19 You Don't Love Me 3:57
    2-1 Beacon From Mars 12:29
    2-2 Rampé, Rampé 3:31
    2-3 Nobody 2:35
    2-4 Love Games 2:28
    2-5 Egyptian Candy 3:01
    2-6 Hello, Trouble 1:42
    2-7 Just A Taste 2:13
    2-8 Lie To Me 2:45
    2-9 Let The Good Love Flow 2:10
    2-10 Killing Floor 2:44
    2-11 Petite Fleur 3:29
    2-12 Banjo 3:34
    2-13 Cuckoo 4:15
    2-14 Seven-Ate Sweet 11:31
    3-1 Sefan 4:25
    3-2 Chocolate Whale 2:27
    3-3 Another Lover 2:42
    3-4 Sneakin' Thru Ghetto 3:17
    3-5 To Know Is Not To Be 2:13
    3-6 Lulu Arfin Nanny 3:09
    3-7 Lie And Hide 2:49
    3-8 Ballad Of Tommy Udo 2:47
    3-9 Bernice 2:41
    3-10 Soft And Easy 2:55
    3-11 New Blue Ooze 9:39
    3-12 Why Try (Single Version) 2:46
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