KID GULLIVER -Kismet (power-pop band from Boston.) LP

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Kid Gulliver is a power-pop band from Boston. Their music is a powerful blend of driving rhythm and sweet, hooky melodies with vocal harmony. Their songs draw on influences from a vast catalog which includes everything from 1960s British Invasion and 1970s classic rock and punk to 1980s new wave and 1990s alternative and indie pop. Yes, a bit "old school," but always fresh sounding and original. No need for auto tune pitch correction here. Never needed it, never will.

Singer/guitarist Simone Berk, whose previous band Sugar Snow garnered critical acclaim with her moody compositions, delivers vocals with a style that is instantly recognizable. David Armillotti, former member of Cookiecutter Girl and Hall Of Mirrors, brings a guitar style both aggressive and melodic.

Their prelaunch single on Red on Red, 'Forget About Him,' reached number 1 on the Radio Indie Alliance Top 75, a global chart compilation from hundreds of indie terrestrial, college, streaming, and satellite radio shows, and they've been dominating the indie charts ever since.

Previously only available on CD, Plato Utrecht Records is proud to offer this on the only format that matters.