KILLED BY DEATH #5 (legendary U.S. punk) COMP LP

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The concept that started it all. Around 1988 an obsessed Swedish collector living in New York started what would cause dozens around the world to develop an addiction to own any obscure record featured under the Killed By Death name.


A1             –Black Easter             What The Fuck            

A2             –The Nubs*             Job            

A3             –X-Terminators*             Microwave Radiation            

A4             –The Molls             White Stains            

A5             –The Stalin             ロマンチスト            

A6             –Dieter*             Cry For Fame            

A7             –The Maggots             (Lets Get, Lets Get) Tammy Wynette            

A8             –The Cowboys (2)             Teenage Life            

A9             –Hubble Bubble             Look Around (I Was So Upset)            

B1             –Neo Punkz             If I Watch TV            

B2             –Shitdogs*             Reborn            

B3             –RPA (2)             Shoot The Pope            

B4             –Teddy And The Frat Girls             Clubnite            

B5             –Annonymous*             Corporate Food            

B6             –Riot 303*             Drugs            

B7             –Cracked Actor             Nazi School            

B8             –Stiphnoyds             Afraid Of The Russians            

B9             –The Kids             No Monarchy            

B10             –Hubble Bubble             Sweet Rot