KILLED BY DEATH - VA Vol 7 (rare U.S. punk ) COMP LP

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Compilation of tracks from extremely rare punk records (1977-1982)

The concept that started it all. Around 1988 an obsessed Swedish collector living in New York started what would cause dozens around the world to develop an addiction to own any obscure record featured under the Killed By Death name.


A1    Village Pistols–    Big Money    1:40
A2    Fire Exit–    Time Wall    2:21
A3    Rude Norton–    Tits On The Beach    1:57
A4    Chain Gang–    My Fly    2:02
A5    Guilty Razors–    I Don't Wanna Be Rich    2:32
A6    Ed Nasty & Dopeds*–    I'm Gonna Be Everything    2:06
A7    Tampax–    UFO Dictator    4:13
A8    Absentees*–    Tryin' To Mess With Me    2:05
A9    Dot Vaeth Group–    Armed Robbery    4:06
B1    Cigarettes*–    They're Back Again    3:57
B2    Lost Kids–    Cola Freaks    1:29
B3    Fresh Color–    The Source    2:27
B4    Hated–    Seize The Middle East    2:31
B5    Maids*–    Back To Bataan    2:30
B6    DDT–    I'm Walking Down The Psychopath    2:44
B7    Sperma–    Bomb    2:03
B8    Ice Nine–    Out Out Out    1:25
B9    MD (4)–    Manisch Depressiv    2:54