KINGS OF NUTHIN - - Fight Songs YELLOW VINYL orig pressing ONE COPY ONLY! -

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Includes one non-CD track.

This is the release of the KINGS OF NUTHIN acclaimed 2004 album, and these Boston's rockabilly mutants destroy on this fifteen-song gem. "With their stellar musicianship and impeccable style, a more perfect album is scarce. Intent on bringing back the neglected elements of swing, they infuse it with barhouse boogie-woogie, gospel, and ragtime. It's surprisingly authentic, as these boys have obviously done their homework. The lyrics are superb, with a sense of humore bigger than a plate of pasta at your aunt Dora's, and nearly as big as her. Not ones to skimp, they give up a fifteen songs here without a single clunker." - E. Wadharmi / Lollipop



A1 Intro / New Thing Nuthin'  
A2 Shit Out Of Luck  
A3 Waitin' To Leave  
A4 Nuthin' To Lose  
A5 Where Do We Go?  
A6 The Kids Will Have No Say  
A7 La Chupacabra  
A8 Greasy Corpse  
B1 Drive All Night  
B2 Iron Out The Ivory  
B3 Callin' To Let You Know  
B4 All I've Lost  
B5 Nailhead  
B6 Another Year  
B7 11 To 3  
B8 Fight Song For Fuck Ups