LA IRA DE DIOS - APUS REVOLUTION ROCK + 7"EP (Peruvian 60s style psych/space freaks) LP

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The Peruvian psych/space freaks are back, with some rural reflections of the 60s acid punk era with its catchy, raw & animalistic high energy performances. Can a riot be started by the slow and on low volume? - NO- the title says it all (a mix of The Clash classic and Peruvian Andean mythology). Since their fabulous debut album "Hacia El Sol Rojo" the group evolved into a mighty tight "wall of sound" (not just live on stage); but still keeping their sensitive feeling to hypnotize a wide spectrum of Rock freaks who like it intense! 

Look forward to hard driven riff/solo guitars, pumpin overdosed bass, crazynwild marching tribal drums, combined with outer space effects & noises - the dark euphoria will make you stand up and dance! If you missed the MC5, The Stooges, or Los Saicos good old times, this is your ticket to an extreme psychedelic punk trip. (first 500 copies are issued with a 4 track bonus EP, containing a cool cover of Joy Divisons Shadowplay).

Again, they are back and they want your brain for party...for revolution...cause right now is time to FIESTA & REVOLUCION!


A1     Revolucion     
A2     No Hay Control     
A3     Misantropo     
A4     Todo Arde En Llamas     
A5     5000 Años     
A6     Yo Solo     
B1     Lima Ciudad     
B2     Woman     
B3     Guerrilla A Go Go     
B4     Calles Oscuras     
B5     Megahertz     
B6     Atravezare     
C1     Space Punks (Forever)     
C2     Vertigo     
D1     La Carretera     
D2     Shadowplay