LAGHONIA -UNGLUE (Peruvian 60s Kinks/Yardbirds stlye in English!) SALE! CD

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100% unreleased material by one of the best 60's & 70`s South American Rock bands.

This unique Peruvian band,one of a few in South America that sang in English and used Hammond B2organ in the studio and live performances, and played only original compositions.

influenced by The Beatles, The Kinks, The Yardbirds, Cream and many others.

54 minutes of music, recorded at rehearsal sessions for their first album between 1967 and 1970.

Contains two unrel tracks and amazing alternate versions of Glue album tracks.

Good quality mini LP foldout package, insert (cool photos) and original artwork by Manuel Cornejo. 



1 Neighbor (rehearsal - instrumental)  
2 The Sand Man (rehearsal)  
3 Billy Morsa (rehearsal)  
4 Trouble Child (rehearsal)  
5 My Love (original acoustic version)  
6 And I Saw Her Walking (rehearsal) * Saul on vocals.  
7 Glue (rehearsal)  
8 Glue (jamming)  
9 Bahia (rehearsal - fast version)  
10 Outro  
11 World Full Of Nuts (instrumental - final take)  
12 The Sand Man (EP version)  
13 Chocolate Houses (bonus track unreleased)  
14 Confusion In The Street (bonus track unreleased)