LARD FREE- III -original 1973 gatefold cover- 180 gram LP

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Recorded and released in 1977, one year before the band split and Gilbert Artman dedicated himself to his Replica Records’ brand-new reissue of this masterstroke beautifully reproduces the original 1973 gatefold cover, and is pressed on 180 gr. vinyl in a limited edition of 500. It’s truly amazing and is poised to blow many of new listener away.

Urban Sax project (which notably included Werner Durand), Lard Free’s third album, “lll”, is easily their most electronic and experimental venture, and in many ways strays closest to their German counterpoints in Kosmische and the emerging Berlin School.

Cinematic and spaced out, the ensemble of synths, piano, organ, drums, vibes, guitar, and clarinet melds perfectly into a series of interwoven cosmic expanses. Rather than a series of shorter compositions that defined the album’s predecessors, here we have two long form work, taking up an entire side each.Meditative, bristling, and deeply atmospheric, while the ensemble - Jean-Pierre Thirault, Artman, Xavier Baulleret, and Yves Lanes - is fairly diverse in its instrumentation, each feels as though it has been run and process through synthesizers, creating a surprisingly cohesive and unified whole, with a series of stretched out, wild and frenetic jams, appearing almost as though psychedelic jam session we broadcast on the radio into outpace, and came back in a beautifully scrambled up form.

Absolutely killer and heady as hell, Lard Free’s third album, “lll”, is a stunning end to a body of work that carved its way across the 1970s, and was like nothing else. Thankfully, the future, as we are about to learn, was to excavate a bit more.