Laugh While You Can Monkey Boy! -RARE COMP w. BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE, Spaceman 3- VA COMPCD

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This compilation showcases fifteen songs by cutting edge psychpop artists Brian Jonestown Massacre , ultra-punkers U.S. Bombs, and garage popsters Amanda Jones, Ten High and The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs.

It also includes new work by recognized artists such as ex-Spacemen 3 members Sonic Boom (EAR) (with a track not available elsewhere) and Pete Bain (Alpha Stone).

The diverse comp also includes the legendary Mick Farren (Deviants), and the recent deliveries of acts like hardcore godfathers RF7, the acoustic rock of Thomas Anderson and punk-popsters Stop.

This is true independent music ranging from esoteric to pop and punk, held together by the quality of expression in each performance. A kaleidoscope of what underground rock culture is about: passion, fun, love and rebellion. LAST COPIES



1.             –Alpha Stone             Farmer C             2:46

2.             –I, Sharko             Flowers For You             3:21

3.             –Brian Jonestown Massacre*             Who?             2:54

4.             –Laughing Sky             The Slip             6:55

5.             –E.A.R.             Radiophonic             5:05

6.             –Amanda Jones             The First Time             2:31

7.             –Superscope             Windmill             3:13

8.             –Stop             Jerk             2:54

9.             –RF7             Precious Life             2:14

10.             –Black Angel's Death Song             Nothing = Nothing             1:25

11.             –U.S. Bombs             Spaghetti             2:45

12.             –Ten High             Sins Of The Family             2:53

13.             –The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs             Are You Happy Now?             5:00

14.             –The Lovemasters             Hot Pants Power             3:43

15.             –Deviants IXVI*             Arts Of Darkness             3:54

16.             –Thomas Anderson             Sing You Sinners             5:48