LES TERRIBLES - ST(60s Stones/Yardbirds style) CD

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LES TERRIBLES go back to the sound of the French Beat & Roll when it was bitten by the Big Bad British Bug back in 1965.

Imagine how Them, The Yardbirds or the early Stones would’'ve sounded if they were from France, never turned professional and Van Morrison, Keith Relf or Mike Jagger were chicks.

All the songs are in French, with that glamorous “mademoiselle” accent!


C'est Fini 1:53
Yeah Yeah 2:08
Ne Le Décois Pas 2:34
Sauvages Et Candides 2:24
Pourquoi Je Pleure? 3:03
Chante 2:40
Rosbeef Attack 1:28
La Nuit Le Jour 2:14
Tout Est Fini 3:17
Tes Yeux 2:37
Tu Perds Ton Temps 2:01
Trop Sage 2:21
Debbie Merci 2:22
Froggies Strike Back! 0:55