LINDGREN, ERIK --SOUND ON SOUND ( 60s Anglophile style) CD

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Back in his pianist-on-the-brink prep school/collegiate days of the early '70s, Erik Lindgren was composing sophisticated songs in his parent's Harrisburg, PA suburban basement. Assisted by his sound-on-sound tape deck, Lindgren meticulously layered and performed all the instruments and vocals for one simple reason: nobody else was around to learn this fairly complex music. Now thirty years later, Sound On Sound documents this impressive body of work by an over-achieving 18-year old kid. Despite musical and technological limitations, this glimpse into Lindgren's formative teenage years is similar in scope and vision to Pete Townshend's illuminating Scoop series. And the material' Always being a champion of the esoteric and obscure, there's a healthy influence of '60s Anglophile (Small Faces, Herd, Idle Race, Procol Harum, Nazz, etc) mixed in with his weekly counterpoint and harmony lessons in academia. These full-blown demos recall the '70s singer/songwriter era of Todd Rundgren, Emitt Rhodes, and Paul McCartney's Ram. This 22-track collection of songs and sketches is always honest, overly ambitious, and a breath of fresh air in today's world of overproduced, sterile, pre-fabricated music. The CD comes packaged with an extensive 12 page booklet crammed full of photos, notes by Lindgren, and a forward by his collaborator/Boston rock historian Eric Van. Lindgren has since amassed a boat load of eclectic musical credentials including CD retrospectives by his mid '70s mod psych power pop band TNT, Moving Parts (pre-Mission of Burma), his experimental studio monkier Space Negros, seven CDs by his progressive New Music ensemble Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic, and most notably steering Arf! Arf! into it's third decade of musical activity. 60s