LITTLE MURDERS - Dig For Plenty (Aussie Power Pop) CD

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Dig For Plenty" is full of new stage favorites from the opening power pop treats of "For You" "Pretty Penny", and "Rock Academy" to the London jet set swing of "Roxy" and the bouncy pop delight of "Girl What's On Your Mind?". The album is full of simply great Little Murders tracks.

The garage rock groove that is "Running Man" the psychedelic rock trip of "Velvet (Get Out Of Bed)". And more.


1 For You  
2 Pretty Penny  
3 Rock Academy  
4 Roxy (I'm Digging Your Scene)  
5 Solitaire  
6 Girl, What's On Your Mind?  
7 Running Man  
8 One More Chance  
9 Mrs. Walker  
10 Bad News  
11 Velvet (Get Out Of Bed)