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LIVERPOOL -ST (1969 Por Favor Sucesso Complete Recordings) CD

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    ith a name that conjures up yet another Mersey-beat clone, who would expect that it was this same band, Liverpool, who recorded one of the greatest (and nearly forgotten) records from Brasil in the 1960’s.

    Mixing subtle influences from English/American rock with lilting and supple Brazilian rhythms and a heady dose of Tropicália inspiration, Mimi Lessa (guitar), Fughetti Luz (singer), Marcos Lessa (bass), Edinho Espíndola (drums) and Pekos (baixo) produced work that was close to the genius of Os Mutantes—an opinion widely shared in Brasil, by the way!

    Time and again, we were reminded of Os Mutantes and Caetano Veloso, and this from an album that came out hot on the heels of the world famous albums of those more high profile artists. Liverpool’s sole album, “Por Favor Sucesso” (Please Success) from 1969—included in its entirety here, along with songs from a film soundtrack (1970) and a late single as Liverpool Sound (1971)—resulted in the classification of the group in the regional phase in the legendary University Festival of Popular Music, where the group defended the title track from the album. The album consists of excellent compositions supporting intelligent and expressive texts meant to convey the daily life of the youth of the time.

    Mimi Lessa, one of most important and less valued guitarists of Brasilian national rock, shines throughout this disc. More than thirty years after it was recorded, the music of Liverpool does not sound dated, with its elaborate compositions and instrumental prowess garnering them the recognition that they lacked when these songs were recorded.

    An underground Tropicália classic, thankfully rescued from near oblivion!

    1     Por Favor Sucesso     
    2     Que Mania     
    3     Cabelos Varridos     
    4     13. Andar     
    5     Blue Haway     
    6     Voce Gosta     
    7     Olhai Os Lirios Dos Campos     
    8     Voando     
    9     Planador     
    10     Agua Branca     
    11     Impressoes Digitais     
    12     Paz E Amor     
    13     Tao Longe De Mim     
    14     Renata     
    15     Danca Da Chuva     
    16     Cancao Da Volta     
    17     Marcelo     
    18     Fossa De Marcelo     
    19     Exciting Posters     
    20     Hei Menina     
    21     Fale     
    Psychedelic & Tropicalia from Porto Alegre, Brazil - Liverpool's 1969 'Por Favor, Sucesso' album (tr. 1.-13.), 1970 'Marcelo Zona Sul' soundtrack EP (tr. 14.-19.) and the 1971 'Liverpool Sound' single (tr. 20.,21.) on one disc. 8 page booklet with notes in Portugues and English.

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