LUTHER -N- THE B.B.B.'S -BEST OF VOL #2, (NY-based power-pop) CD

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The B.B.B.'s (Bothered By Boredom) is a Rochester, NY-based power-pop band with singer/guitarist Luther Holtzman being the only constant in an ever-shifting line-up

. Although the group formed in the early '80s at the University of Rochester and remained an on-and-off presence on the local scene thereafter, it wasn't until 1998 that the B.B.B.'s first proper album was released.

This is their second one, containing great tracks that combine the style of Chuck Berry with British Invasion-affected rock'n'roll.
1     Turn My Head     
2     Tired Of Waiting     
3     Talk About You     
4     Pretty Girls Do     
5     Everything I Can     
6     Get Up 'N' Move     
7     Mr. Know It All     
8     Everybody Else's Girl     
9     Don't Cross Over The Line     
10     Credit Card Christmas     
11     To Find Love     
12     Not Bad So Far     
13     Just A Test     
14     Talking To You     
15     Becka Rebecka     
16     Don't Wait     
17     That's Love     
18     I Met You     
19     Hey Hey Renee     
20     I Love You     
21     You Never Know     
22     Something You Can Do     
23     Back To Where We Started     
24     The B.B.B.'s Intro     
25     All The Good Girls