MADERA DE CIPRES -Lejos de Aqui (rarest Spanish hard-psych 45 ever) 45 RPM

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BW  / Solo Sin Ti

Exact repro (including original labels) of the rarest Spanish hard-psych 45 ever.

Originally released on the tiny Artyphon label in 1972,  it was only sold by the band at their shows, no copies were distributed or sold in any shop at the time.

Since its B-side "Solo sin ti" was compiled on the first volume of Andergraun Vibrations (erroneusly credited as "Lejos de aqui"), the legend of Madera de Cipres kept growing  and growing . Nothing was known about the band until we  finally tracked them down.
This reissue is done with the approval of the band members.

Primitive psychedelic hard-rock at its best. Limited to 315 hand-numbered copies. Colour insert with rare pictures including the alternate, never used, front cover.

Includes a reproduction of a rare promo postcard.