MANDALA - Soul Crusade (1966 heavy soul psych) CD

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“Soul Crusade” LP was released in 1968 and happened to be the first and only album by MANDALA. It presented a bunch of original songs with rich, gorgeous and quite heavy arrangements built around solid beat grooves, blistering guitar riffing, and powerful Hammond-organ chords. The vocal duties were taken over by Ray Kenner who had powerful, soulful, and charismatic voice.

Stylistically, Mandala were one of those hard rockin’ bands who performed original Psychedelic Art-Rock with strong influences from Soul, Funk, and Rhythm-N-Blues music. IGOR G ALLMUSIC



1 World Of Love 2:42
2 One Short Year 3:02
3 Love-itis 2:30
4 Come On Home 5:53
5 Every Single Day 3:39
6 Mellow Carmello Palumbo 3:40
7 Can't Hold Out 2:32
8 Don't Make Me Cry 3:04
9 Stop Cryin' On My Shoulder 2:45
10 Faith 5:59