MARY'S KIDS -CRUST SOUP: THE SINGLES COLLECTION (female fronted punk rock/power pop sensations!) LP

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A 15-track compilation from Sweden's female fronted punk rock sensations. The music is a unique mix of speed driven punk rock, snotty rollin' beats and dirty power pop tunes, straight from the heart of the garage. Included are sold out singles, rare b-sides, and an excellent choice of covers of songs by the U.K. Subs, Ike Turner, Martin L. Gore, Zero Boys, Teenage Head, The Dicks, and Finland's grand masters of rock The Hurriganes.
A1     I've Had It     1:32
A2     It's Not Easy     1:53
A3     Destroy     2:37
A4     Hightime     2:05
A5     I'm Sick In The Head     1:07
A6     I Can't See Straight     1:49
A7     It's Gonna Be Alright     2:32
B1     Pitch Black Hole     1:35
B2     I'm Fed Up     1:29
B3     Never Let Me Down Again     2:37
B4     Little Boxes     2:34
B5     Lost     2:27
B6     Dicks Hate The Police     2:00
B7     Shanandoah     2:47
B8     Limo Life     2:52