MASALLA -BURNIN FEELINGS ( heavy rock cult anthem 1970) 45 RPM

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includes: black vinyl record, ephemera art insert, travel brochure insert, embossed white 45 sleeve

Side A - "Burnin' Feeling"
Side B - "Simple Words"

‘Burnin’ Feeling’ circulated on the bootleg masterpiece comp Angel Dust Psychedelia over a decade ago and subsequently became a heavy rock cult anthem. The original 45 is as rare as unicorn hair, with only 100 copies made. With no names shown on the record, the band had remained a complete mystery all these years. Ancient Grease Records launched a successful campaign with feet on the ground in Florida to find these heavy rock maniacs and made our breakthrough in late 2020. We are pleased to bring you the first official reissue of Masalla’s music.

Recorded summer 1970 - Masalla were from the Daytona Beach, Florida area