MCPHEE,TONY -The Two Sides of Tony (70s former GROUNDHOGS) CD

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ÒDuring the early 1970s, when other bands were following the lead of Traffic and Ògetting it together in the countryÓ, leader of the GroundhogÕs, Tony McPhee, was holed up in his own pastoral setting, licking his wounds following a particularly bitter divorce. Bad news for McPhee, good news for us, for it explicitly informs at least one track on his 1973 solo effort, The Two Sides of Tony (T.S.) McPhee, as well as dictating the prevalent mood of the remainder. Taking its title at face value, The Two SidesÉ offers just that. Two wildly differing styles, separated by the flip of a platter. Side 1, as it wouldÕve been in the days of vinyl, shoots from the hip, with a collection of extremely raw, largely acoustic blues numbers that hark back to McPheeÕs salad days as a blues guitarist in the earlier part of the 1960s. ÔDog Me BitchÕ is a less than subtle dig at the wife; one draped in a veil of the flimsiest metaphor, whereas ÔAll My Money, AlimonyÕ dispenses with the metaphor altogether and ladles a king-size bucket of vitriol over the marital disharmony, pretty much summed up by the line: ÒAll your loving ever done for me in our time together, Was to provide me with another mouth to feedÉÓ Ouch! Side 2 is given over to a single, nineteen minute progressive piece entitled ÔThe HuntÕ. This track sees the object of McPheeÕs ire turn from his former wife to the so-called ÒsportÓ of hunting. McPhee once again waxes lyrical with a bottle of caustic soda and a wire scrubbing brush. This time around he breaks out the synthesisers (ARP 2600 and a Rhythm Ace drum machine, for the analog retro-geeks out there) as well as the electric piano; providing a sonic Yin to the acoustic-blues Yang of before.Ó (Talking Elephant)