MESSER CHUPS -Bermuda 66 (instro surf) LP

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Messer Chups are something of an institution these days, leading the way in the instro/surf scene they have dominated the sound for the last few years with their unique blend of reverb laden surf and tremolo heavy riffs lifted from classic rockabilly. These 15 tracks were remastered and mixed by Oleg (Guitaracula) over the 2019/2020 winter in St. Petersburg.

Long after the sold out album 'Voice Of Zombierella' you're treated once more to the dulcet tones of Svetlana singing on a couple of these tracks too.

Fabulous artwork by the very talented Sol Rac leave no doubts as to the content and you can be sure that it won't stay in the racks for very long either. Limited to just 500 copies.
A1     Caligari Shadow     2:31
A2     Lipstick Twang     1:43
A3     Man In A Caiman Boots     3:27
A4     Zombierella Vs. Octopus Man     2:01
A5     Voodoo Man     2:08
A6     Authentic Bloodsucking Melody     1:59
A7     Chupacabra Twist     2:39
A8     Hollywood Devils     2:25
B1     Daphne Blue Lagoon     3:02
B2     Dead Down Comedy     3:35
B3     Aquanatic Business     2:51
B4     Swamp Farming     2:52
B5     Animal Woman     3:04
B6     Jason Bond 0013     2:46
B7     Back To The Bermuda Triangle     2:58