METAPHYSICAL ANIMATION -ST SALE! (ultra obscure Floridan psych/prog 1973) DBL LP

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Reissue of an ultra obscure Floridan psych/prog album from 1973.

Less than 50 copies were pressed at the time, housed in a plain white demo sleeve with the band name hand-written in pen on the cover.

Classic '70s prog, with significant elements of fusion and psychedelic rock. Sometimes it sounds like a take on 'Close To The Edge'.

Other times it sounds like Rick Wakeman briefly joined Pink Floyd during the 'Wish You Were Here' sessions. And then there are the tracks that sound like a looser, more electrified Graham Bond Organization.

A1     Two Songs In Space     9:15
A2     Ode To A Seraph Chamber Fellow     6:39
B1     Hey Now Mama     7:30
B2     Paper People     6:26
C1     Empyreal Souls     10:28
C2     I've Been Blue     5:16
D1     Better Way     13:15
D2     You're The Guru     4:07