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MISCHIEF -Hubble Bubble (ex Damned)SALE CD

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    Today a trio, Mischief in fact started out being just a duo, comprising the 2 ex-Damned members Alan Lee Shaw and Paul Gray.

    Back in 1995, guitarist Alan Lee Shaw left The Damned, who'd just released their 8th studio album "Not Of This Earth", co-written by Shaw. Meanwhile a copy of "Not Of This Earth" found its way to bass player extraordinaire Paul Gray (also ex-Damned). Suitably impressed, Gray soon hooked up with Shaw and the Mischief seed were sown. Before long the pair had established a friendship as well as a song-writing partnership. Songs were being churned out fast and furious, thus the next logical step was to form a band. Enter Jim Simpson on drums, whom Paul had known from him time in UFO, and Mischief were ready to rock. From early on, it was clear to all parties involved that the Mischief sound as well as the Mischief songs were incredibly special and quite incomparable to anything else the individual members had worked on in the past. An inner chemistry was developed, set ablaze and magnificently captured on an album, Hubble Bubble. The sound on Hubble Bubble manages to perfectly unite duskily mischievous themes with a raw seismic power that is altogether Mischief's own. Paul Gray's penchant for superior melodies has proven the perfect complement to Alan Lee Shaw's aggressive guitar playing.

    As the dozen tunes on Hubble Bubble prove, the result is truly unique, truly devilishly enjoyable good fun, truly Mischief!

    1     –Mischief     Horse-Whipped     
    2     –Mischief     Hyperventilating     
    3     –Mischief     I Hear You Moan     
    4     –Mischief     Something So Simple     
    5     –Mischief     It's So Easy     
    6     –Mischief     Another World     
    7     –Mischief     Burning Soul     
    8     –Mischief     Should Have Seen It Coming     
    9     –Mischief     All Over Me     
    10     –Mischief     This Is The Time     
    11     –Mischief     Fool For The Fever     
    12     –Mischief     Such A Fine Time

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