MIXED UP MINDS - PART 10 Obscure Rock & Pop from the British Isles 1969-1974- COMP CD

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Mixed Up Minds investigates the overlooked underbelly of British rock and pop from the late 1960s and early 1970s. Volume Ten of the intrepid series captures a further glimpse of the rumblings from British suburbia with 20 melodic musings from a variety of unsung wonders whose place in the British pop phenomena is now safely secure.

Includes 12-page full-color booklet with comprehensive liner notes and rare color photographs.

Includes songs by Rod Thomas, Terry Clarke, Ray Brooks, Graham Layden, Advocates, John Brimacombe, Jo Ann and Barry, Jonjo, Raymond Froggatt, Blue Mink, Gordon Haskell, Contrast, Love Story, Reuben James, Rainbow Family, Gravy Train, Kemo Sabay, Skiffles, and Neil Woodley.