MOUNTAIN - Live At The Capitol Theater 1973 (blues hard rock) CD

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This King Biscuit Flower Hour concert was recorded in late 1973 at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, New Jersey.

By this point, the band had been through many of the cliche rock band phases: the breakup, the side-projects, a reunion with new members. The short version of the story is that the band split up, and Leslie and Corky hooked up with former Cream bassist/vocalist Jack Bruce to form the supergroup West, Bruce and Laing, with whom they put out a number of albums. Mountain later reunited, but during '73, the band went on a Japanese tour without Laing, because of an alleged dispute between him and Pappalardi.


Tracklist 1 Introduction 2 You'd Better Believe It 3 Crossroader 4 Theme For An Imaginary Western 5 Never In My Life 6 Get Out Of My Life Woman 7 Band Intros 8 Nantucket Sleighride