MYTHICA -A WALLET OF WINDS (1971 Brit folk rock) CD

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Seelie Court is an English label releasing archival recordings from the period 1965 to 1978 by British and Irish artists. Most of the releases are saved from unique sources and have not been previously issued.

Some striking all-out Hippie Bohemian colour photos of the band from the time illustrate the cover art, plus a repro of the original acetate sleeve, and sleeve notes by the band.

Mythica made a one-off pressing in 1971 and they also recorded for the BBC.

Their unissued LP is a significant find for fans of the British folk rock Underground of the early seventies.

To be filed alongside C.O.B., Dulcimer, Trees, Incredible String Band, Fairport Convention, The Woods Band and Tudor Lodge.

An occasional prediction of the Pogues and punk-folk surfaces amid a British Bohemian folk rock frenzy.